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Sapphire nails by Shelly

Welcome to Sapphire nails by Shelly 

When i was a little girl i always enjoyed watching my mother paint her nails on a regular basis and she would sometimes even do mine as i grew older i started to do nails all by myself i really enjoyed the whole process from start to finish i had always enjoyed sticking on quick false nails or going to a nail salon myself to get the acrylic or gels put on from a qualified nail technician but that started to get so expensive i started to look into how hard it would be to learn how to do the acrylics and gels for myself.  I then decided to buy and try a cheaper version of what the nail salons provided just so i could play about and practice on my own nails i soon learnt that it was a little more difficult but i really enjoyed this process also so i kept practising until i was nearly there and they were nearly perfect i needed some help to get that awesome finish that you get when you come out of a nail bar, at this stage i decided after a couple of years that i would now take a nail technology diploma that i am pleased to tell you that i am now a fully qualified nail technician i have learnt all the little tricks that i have never used before and now i get that salon finish that i was always after with a lot of practice on clients and family members i feel very confident that if you visit our nail bar you will have that relaxing experience and enjoy having your nails done with me the products i use currently are 

  • O. P. I
  • Shellac
  • Avon Gel 

I am still researching for good animal and vegan friendly nail and hand products that can be used in the nail bar or bought from our shop and online

 Mavala Switzerland

We can officially use Mavala nail and hand products and are the only nail bar in Crowborough that has the authorisation from Mavala