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Upcoming Shows

SAT 10/10

9:30 Club - Washington D.C.

w/ The Justin Trio

FRI 11/20

Radio City Music Hall - NYC

w/ The Justin Trio

Fri 01/01

The Filmore - San Francisco

w/ The Justin Trio

I'm Unique

A little history about our name

It all started several years ag​o​ when we decided to promote awareness to people of autism in children, we have a severely autistic son,, we got upset with people classing him as a naughty child and ourselves as bad parents, so we started an awareness group to help people understand this condition and needed a name that fitted with these children and adults who suffer with autism. 

we needed a name that was as special as the children and would be remembered,, after a lot of thought we settled with the name "I'm Unique" as every one of these children are "unique" in their own special way

with the group came questions like can "do you know who could  put on a buffet for our child's celebration" and soon our party food buffets had started

You are probably wondering how and why has this now been attached to a Wedding and children's  planning and hire business and the answer is easy, first the children's party planning, the child who the party is for it is their special day and their party is planned to make the day as special as the child, hence "unique"

Now for the wedding planning and hire, lets make no qualms about this, it is all about the up and coming bride and how from a very young age has always dreamt of her big fairy tale wedding again she is "unique"

We are qualified in both wedding planning and party planning and are very proud to have gained certificates to that effect, we also hold the food safety and hygiene certificate, we have the CRB certificate and are fully insured