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Tips, Advise and Information

Hi, My Name is Shelly, If you read my personal journey on the Health and Beauty page you will already know a lot of the reasons behind what I do.

Please understand that I do not profess my way is the correct way but it works for me.

I will be sharing with you all how I have changed my lifestyle and how it has helped me whilst realising that I suffer with Fibromyalgia which limits my mobility

I started on my Herbalife journey

I have problems with maintaining my desired weight even though I eat healthy and balanced foods

I have tried many products that all profess to help maintain my desired weight, for me not one of them worked, I have seen dietitian from the advice of my doctor.

I was at a low point when a friend said why don't I try Herbalife as it had worked  for them, I spoke to my husband about the product with the view to research the product and company, to my shock my husband knew all about the company and products, thirty years ago he was one of a group who took this product in to India, he told me that the product was first class and it really worked.

I signed up to Herbalife not to sell the product but to try it and see if it worked for me

The end result it really does work, now i would like to share my results with you all.

I liked the product and the support network that I signed up and now I am a 

"Herbalife Coach"

Exercise is also very important

Not just eating more healthy foods or taking supplements will get you to your goal, the "dream you"

exercise is also very important, our bodies need exercise and it doesn't have to involve a gym membership or a strict plan, for me that wouldn't work because of Fibromyalgia I often can't even stand on my own feet or move my arm's the pain is intense

Gentle regular exercise is the way I exercise to keep myself fit, more to follow on exercise routines 


Food that's easy to prepare and cook 

Baked potato, wrapped in lean bacon topped with an egg

this is just one of the meals I have, 

The following pictures show other meals that are quick, healthy and easy

All the savoury food is cooked with extra virgin olive oil, the sweet's have been made using low or no fat, the Strawberry Torte has only 155 calories per serving, Apple cake has only 104 calories per serving, Strawberry Flan has 101 calories per serving, they taste great and don't increase body mass

I will list all the savoury foods in my next chapter