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Health and Beauty

Hello, my name is Shelly, i'm the co owner of I'm Unique and Shelly's Shack, I would like to tell you a little about myself and my journey

I was born in Essex, like a lot of children I was bullied at school and made to feel ugly and worthless, this went on through my early adult life

I wasn't a fat child, I was the other end of the scale, I was very small in height and build this being the reason I was bullied, my school years made me very sad and inward, it didn't stop there it continued throughout my teenage years and into my early twenties, by now I had no self confidence, I had major anxieties, I felt worthless, life had became a huge struggle, I went from one controlling relationship to another constantly being put down by partners, I thought that this was how my life should be after all I knew nothing better

Seven years ago whilst being single again from a very bad relationship I met a man who was so different than any of the others, he paid my compliments, praised me on things I had done, i was very unsure of this person it was something that I had only read about, we became friends, he never changed we are now married, my life changed so much he installed faith for me to believe in myself, supported me through the good and bad times he showed me what love is

Everything was going so well then five years ago I woke one morning and couldn't move, my legs wouldn't work, I couldn't lift my head or arms, I was petrified but my man was calm he lifted me out of bed helped me get dressed then took me to see the doctors, the end result was I had Fibromyalgia I would need eighteen months complete bed rest, why me I thought I was happy for once in my life then struck down with this Fibro thing but I was not going to let it beat me although I worried my man would leave me, he didn't leave me he supported me every step of the way and still supports me

I still have advanced Fibromyalgia, I have gone from not being able to move to needing a wheelchair then to walking frames and sticks to being able to get around without any aids beit short distances only with short periods of time on my feet

I used this time to learn, this stupid condition was not going to ruin my happiness

In the last three years I have completed and passed a Food Safety course, I qualified as a Nail Technician I went on to take a Make up artistry course and passed, I now am a co-owner of a business, I am also a Herbal Life coach helping people with getting a better and healthier life style Then whilst out having a meal with my husband he took a photograph of me which we posted on social media for friends and family, it got noticed by one of the U.Ks biggest photographic studios, they told me that they had selected me out of five thousand people, I was invited to their London studio for a photo shoot, I have now been signed by two other very big agents with both giving me three year contracts, I am now a public figure

you see anything is possible if you work hard

Shelly x

I will be adding products, descriptions, pictures and advice on both the healthy living and beauty  pages, I hope you find it useful, I will always answer any questions that are submitted on the contact page but please no negative or abusive comments