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Shelly's Shack Blog

An ongoing series of informative entries

Our Latest Blog Entry

Our Second Blog Entry

08 july 2020

Hello to you all, I hope your having a peaceful day and staying safe.

It's another wet day, looking forward to some nice sunny, warm weather

It is important for me to do everything I can to keep fit and in shape, this morning I had my Herbalife shake, being a coach for Herbalife is great as I feel that I can help others to stay fit and healthy and their products are so versatile , its not about just shaking off the extra pounds it can also be used to gain weight or just maintain the shape you are. It is all about a better, healthier lifestyle.

Exercise is another factor to a better and healthier way of life, this doesn't have to involve costly gym membership or personal trainers, a simple home routine daily works just as well and can fit around your day

My day started off with a shake but for me I have issues with dairy so my shake becomes a fresh fruit smoothie, I replace the milk with apple juice and fruit it works for me, my next shake will be this evening, the rest of the day (lunch and dinner) I have good quality meals that are all home made, I personally don't eat microwave meals or cheap foods as these do not have all the goodness that a body requires, if i get a little hungry throughout the day I will have a protein bar as a snack this fills me up until my next meal

I do my exercise throughout the day as and when I get a spare minute, I chose Herbalife because it is not only proven to work but because the support, training and group interaction is the best I have ever come across and believe me when I say I have tried others.

Please feel free to use the contact page for more information if this interests you

I think that's enough for this blog, stay safe

Shelly x

Our First Blog Entry

06 July 2020

Hi, My name is Shelly, I am a co-owner of I'm Unique and Shelly's Shack.

This is the first ever entry on the Blog so please bare with me, I am sure I will get the hang of this although the first few might be a little muddled

Today the weather in my home town is not nice, it is overcast with rain and a little cooler than the past few days

I have used the picture of a yellow rose to try and make today feel brighter, yellow being a happy colour and the rose has personal memories for me.

You might have read about my life and struggles on our health and beauty page, it wasn't by any means a "hard luck" story I tried to explain that even with what life throws at us we can still make something of our lives.

I would like to welcome you all to our website and the blog and hope you find your experience on our website a pleasant one

Please feel free to use the contact page to get in touch, all I ask is please no abusive or negative comments, life is too short to be filled by hate.

I am going to go now as I don't want to bore you all on my first ever blog