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An insight 

I'm Unique started in 2016, It all began with being involved with autism, we have an autistic son, we were helping an autistic organisation with a talk and was asked to think of a name for the work we do, we needed a name that reached out to autistic children and adults, we came up with the name "I'm Unique"

it was a great name as every autistic person is "unique" in their own way so I'm Unique was born, 

However the name goes way back for us because of life events

We started to get asked if we could organise autistic children's parties and autistic friendly events to help raise awareness and it just grew from there

We never forget how we started, Autism awareness is still our main aim.

We support carefully chosen charities along with

 The National Autistic Society and do many charity events to raise awareness and much needed funds for these charities

Shelly's Shack came about in 2018, we needed a platform to be able to separate our charity work from the events, food, hire of party equipment and sale of toys, beauty products etc of which we donate a percentage of profits to the charities